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What is the Process of Door Replacement?

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If you are looking at new entry doors, you may be wondering about the actual process of door replacement, and what it’s going to involve. While the concept of installing a door may seem relatively straightforward, there are many complex steps and considerations that you should think about beforehand. We’re going to look at what the process of door replacement involves, and why you might want to consider hiring a professional rather than risk a poor installation. Let’s get into it.

The Process of Door Replacement

Evaluation and Choosing a Door Style

The first step in the process of door replacement is to get a comprehensive evaluation of the current door, jamb, and surrounding structural components. A professional contractor will examine the current state of the door, frame, and sill to identify any issues that may impact the installation process for the new door.

The contractor will also go over the available options for the new door, including choosing a style that fits your home’s look and meets the practical needs you have for your home. Having the guidance to choose the right door can help boost your home’s curb appeal as well as its security and overall energy efficiency.

Accurate Measurement

The accurate measurement of the old door and the space the new door will be installed into is a critical step, and each manufacturer may have specific measurement needs or alterations that will need to be followed to result in a door that fits properly and does its job. A professional will already be familiar with these industry best practices.

Removal of the Old Door

Next, the old door and associated components will need to be removed. This includes old hardware such as hinges, knobs, and more will be removed and set aside. Reputable contractors will go to great lengths to avoid damaging the surrounding walls, molding, and frame.

Installation of the New Door

Once the old door is out of the way, the new one can be installed. The new door will be aligned within the frame, and any necessary adjustments or shimming is done before the door is secured in place with the hinges. The door must be installed exactly level and plumb, or the door will not operate properly and may creak or bind.

Finishing Touches

Following the installation of the new door, there will often be finishing touches needed. In some cases, this involves installing new hardware, painting or staining the door to seal it and give it the final appearance, or adding weather stripping to add insulation. Some homes may have smart home components like sensors that need to be installed.

Inspection and Clean-up

The final step in the process of door replacement is to ensure the door has been installed correctly and is able to function as intended. This is followed by cleaning up the work area and removing all debris and old door components to finish the overall process.

Trust All-Star With Your Door Replacement Project

The process of door replacement is more complex than it seems at first, and it requires a wide range of skills and practical experience to ensure a professional and lasting result. When you’re considering undertaking a door replacement project, you should give serious consideration to entrusting the project to a professional like All-Star Products.

Our team of experienced professional contractors is ready to help you with the process of door replacement, making it smoother and easier than you could possibly imagine. Reach out to All-Star today for more information, or to get started with a quote.

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