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Get the industry’s best replacement windows and home siding by factory trained James Hardie Siding installers in Glencoe, IL. Locally owned. Local Operated. For Over 35 Years.

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james hardie siding chicago

GET 50% OFF James Hardie Siding

*On Qualifying Projects

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James Hardie

james hardie siding chicago
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Avoid a Siding Installation Nightmare

James Hardie Siding Is Only As Good As the Company that Installs It!

When it comes to the exterior of your home, investing in a quality, durable exterior siding product is essential. It doesn’t really matter if you need to replace your damaged or old siding completely, or if you want to upgrade to the best siding material for Chicago’s climate, fiber cement James Hardie Board siding is by far the best option available for you.

James Hardie fiber cement siding is our “bread and butter.” It’s the siding we eat, sleep, breathe, and by far install the most on our customers’ homes.

In fact, it’s likely the siding we’ll recommend for YOUR home during your free consultation. Simply Put, James Hardie is the best product for homeowners living in Chicagoland. Why?

You Deserve The All Star Treatment!

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James Hardie Has the Best Siding Colors

Not only does James Hardie have the best fiber cement siding on the market, they have some amazing color choices favored by many of the country’s top exterior remodeling designers.

Searching For Exterior Siding Installation Companies Near Me in Chicagoland?

With the End-to-End Customer Experience You Deserve!

My name is Dave Donofrio and I loved my career at James Hardie.  For 20 years I had a front row seat watching the country fall in love with their homes.  Since the inception of HGTV and the DIY Network, homes have transformed from a place of protection to a place of expression. I truly believe home is an extension of us and who we are, and I have been so fortunate to have spent my entire career in the home improvement industry, helping families express their personalities.

When I started with James Hardie in 2003 the outside of the home was an afterthought, siding was something to stop the elements, to keep you safe and protected. I’ve spent the last twenty years in a senior executive role with James Hardie developing products, working with designers and builders, working & training thousands of contractors & remodelers and helping build and deliver products homeowners were proud and excited to use on their homes.

I Worked at James Hardie for 20 Years

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The exterior of your home has become my passion.  I fell in love training some of the nation’s best remodeling companies and their customers, helping the exterior remodeling industry deliver stunning, best-in-class  transformation’s and delivering mind-blowing results for homeowners across the nation.  Contributing and participating in those experiences have been the most rewarding memories of my career.

While I’ve helped many homeowners achieve their remodeling dreams, I‘ve seen ten times as many remodeling nightmares and bad installation jobs that have created stress and loss.  Products like James Hardie are awesome, but only as good as the siding contractor that installs it.   I’ve seen that homeowner frustration first-hand and the heartache caused by fly-by-night contractors – especially here in Chicagoland. 

I saw an opportunity, an opportunity to bring exceptional customer experience to Chicago area homeowners. In October of last year, we partnered with All Star Products a company celebrating 35 years of exceptional customer service right here in Chicago. Our vision is to deliver Chicagoland’s premier experience for siding and window transformations. We love what we do & obsess over your experience.

I Worked at James Hardie for 20 Years

Glencoe Windows, Doors & Siding Contractor

Glencoe is one of the most idyllic places in the greater Chicagoland area to live, and residents of the town take a lot of pride in their homes. When individuals and families move into Glencoe they aren’t just finding a new place to live in a pleasant corner of the Chicago metro area, they are making a significant investment into a real estate property in a highly desirable location. Keeping these homes beautiful and with increasing value is important, and it can be easy.

By partnering with a local window, door, and siding contractor that has the experience and a long history of service in the area, homeowners can be assured they are working with a leader in exterior remodeling. Additionally, if the homeowner is planning on multiple upgrades or projects, having one contractor that can do all of the work can simplify life even more. We’re going to take a closer look at the services and products that All Star Products can provide and which will keep your home looking beautiful while remaining well-protected.

Glencoe Windows, Doors & Siding Contractor

All Star Products is known in the Glencoe area for being one of the local leaders in hassle-free remodeling and customer satisfaction. The owners and founders are local residents themselves and were tired of watching area residents as well as their friends and family being taken advantage of by unprofessional and sometimes even unqualified and unlicensed contractors. These fly-by-night operations would set high expectations for homeowners but would never deliver, leaving them frustrated and financially depleted.

Glencoe homeowners deserve a contractor that is based nearby and employs people that live in the area. They are driven to provide service and professionalism on levels rarely seen in this industry, no matter how large or small the project is. Whether we’re installing a single door or window on a small bungalow, or installing siding and windows on a 6,000-square-foot home, each project gets the attention and quality that we want our own families to receive.

Our partners can count on getting detailed estimates with transparency in pricing. We set reasonable expectations with our homeowner partners regarding when the project will be finished, and what to expect from the process itself on installation day. The exterior of your home is important, and it needs to look good while also protecting your home, which is why we’re uniquely qualified to help you meet those needs.

James Hardie Siding Company in Glencoe

Homeowners that are considering having the leader in fiber cement, James Hardie siding, installed on their home should make certain that their installer is James Hardie certified. There are several reasons having a James Hardie-certified installer like All Star is ideal.

First, you know that your siding will be installed exactly as James Hardie requires it, to retain effective warranty coverage. Not only that, but it ensures that the siding is installed correctly overall, helping it to realize its function of protecting the home from elements like rain, hail, sun, wind, and more.

Replacement Windows near Glencoe

Windows can have a significant impact on how a home appears, and many homeowners fail to consider this. Additionally, the windows are one of the most common locations of home energy loss, with low-efficiency or drafty windows contributing to overworked home HVAC equipment.

Contact a trusted, local window installation contractor like All Star Products to come out and give you a free estimate on your window project. Not only do we offer windows constructed from wood, vinyl, and fiberglass, but those windows are available in a significant variety of styles.

Glencoe Door Replacement Contractor

The doors of a home are one of the most important, though frequently overlooked components of the home’s exterior. This is unfortunate since they are one of the few points in your home where the exterior elements have the potential to come inside, particularly when being used. Your new door installation needs to be weatherproof, but it also needs to be done by qualified contractors that can finish the job without impacting the home’s existing structure or frame.

All Star Products offers a wide range of door options for homeowners that are considering upgrading their entry doors or other exterior doors. Not only do we offer multiple tiers of doors, but we also have door options in a wide range of styles. Entry-level doors are available as well as premium door options, and some of the door styles include:

  • Entry doors
  • French doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Patio doors
  • Storm doors

Our simple 3-step process means you can get your new door installed easily and quickly. Here’s a look at the process:

  1. First, we’ll schedule a time to come measure your door and the surrounding area.
  2. During the meeting, the budget and project goals will also be discussed, and the options for the door’s color and style will be chosen.
  3. Then, the door will be ordered and produced and installed when finished.

We Make It So Easy For You

You’ll Love Our 4-Step Process for Stress-Free Siding Installation in Chicagoland!


Onsite Inspection & Consultation

The first step in our process is to visit your home and provide a free consultation. During this visit, you will meet with our owner, a 20 year veteran of James Hardie building products who will inspect your existing siding and will make an honest assessment of its condition. His goal is to walk away with a thorough understanding of your style and any issues that you’re currently having. All Star Products uses the latest software and technology available to ensure that our quotes are accurate so you aren’t paying for needless waste and fast because we respect your time.


Create Estimate & Proposal

In a week or so, we will contact you to review your custom design rendering of your home based on your style and budget. Most Chicago siding contractors give you an ambiguous, 1 page quote and you’re never quite sure what you’re getting. At All Star, love laying out the little details of your home project so you know EXACTLY what you’ll be getting. You will receive a beautiful rendering of your project as well as a detailed and comprehensive, line item project estimate of what the siding installation will cost, and how we will transform your home.


Install Siding

Our owner and your project manager will walk around your house on siding installation project completion to make sure we will meet the project scope and your expectations 100%. We will plan out how we will preserve your landscaping, plants and flowers. Our Chicagoland siding installation team will arrive on time and be professional and courteous at all times. The siding installation crew will remove the old siding and begin the installation process for your new James Hardie siding based on James Hardie’s best practices and standards. 


Cleanup & Walkthrough

The Chicago siding experts at All Star will handle everything! Our team will clean up the mess and dispose of all the waste properly. We walk the job with a metal detector and make sure that we do not leave nails or debris in your yard. Our exterior siding installers will also conduct a walkthrough with you to ensure everything meets your needs and expectations. We will not leave or take final payment until you’re 100% satisfied!

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Check Out Our Latest Siding Installation Projects

From the Most Experienced James Hardie Siding Installers in Chicago
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fiber Cement Siding Really Made of Cement?

Yes, Fiber Cement Siding is mostly made of cement. James Hardie Siding, for example, is composed of 90% Portland cement and sand and 5% cellulose fiber.  The cellulose gives the siding the flexibility needed to ensure it is impact resistant.  So James Hardie fiber cement siding really is cement siding.

How Much Does James Hardie Siding Installation Cost?

Your siding is the outer shell and protective barrier for what is likely your largest single investment – your home). Additionally, if you were building a new house the exterior siding, trim, soffit, fascia and gutters are generally one of the top 5 most expensive components of building a new home. Generally speaking, people only reside once in their lifetimes vs. the average American will buy 9 different cars in throughout their life. When you do something once in your lifetime, and it protects your family and your largest investment it makes since to do it right. Plus, residing your home with James Hardie is just about the best investment you can make for your home. The ROI for Hardie crushes just about every other project that you can take on to upgrade your home.   The average James Hardie siding project cost for an entire home will generally fall between $25k and $75k.

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