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How Do I Prepare My Home for Door Replacement?

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Door replacement is not just a task for the contractor, there are some things the homeowner will need to do to prepare so that the process can be as smooth and efficient as possible. We’re going to go over what you’ll need to know and do to prepare your home for a professional door replacement project.

Cleaning the Area

Before you start anything else, especially a door replacement project, you’ll need to commit some time to clean and clear out the immediate area around the door. Remove any furniture, floor mats, or even decorations that may be in the way. This not only prevents damage to your belongings but also ensures that there is plenty of space for the contractor to work.

Securing Pets and Kids

Another incredibly important aspect of your door replacement is to make sure your small children and pets are secured and away from the construction area. While door replacement seems like a small job, it still involves heavy objects, power tools, sharp objects, and even some loud noises. These can all pose risks or cause unnecessary distractions for the contractor performing the replacement.

Taking Down Window Treatments

If your door has any windows in it, make sure you remember to take down any window treatments like blinds or curtains. This step helps prevent your window treatments from getting damaged in the project, while also giving the contractor clear access to the entire door unit and frame. If your window treatment frames or rods are attached to the door, it may be easier to simply remove the curtain or blinds, and leave the hardware there temporarily.

Making Plans for Noise and Privacy

Don’t forget that your door replacement will be a relatively noisy affair, and it can cause a significant impact on your home’s privacy. This means you may want to consider making arrangements for such inconveniences where possible. You may want to schedule the work at a time when your daily routine will be affected the least.

Clearing Outdoor Obstructions

This is the last step, but it’s also one of the steps that gets ignored or forgotten most often. Make sure that the outdoor and indoor areas are clear of any obstructions like plants, garden accessories or furniture, or even decorations. The contractor will need space to maneuver and place the new door, as well as remove the old one. Even if your outdoor area is clear, make sure you’re able to do the same for the interior as well, since the contractor will generally need access to both areas.

Be Aware Of Potential Hazards

While it should go without saying, we’re going to say it anyway. Your door replacement is a light construction job, and the area should be treated as a construction area. Be sure you pay attention to things like nails or screws, or debris on the ground, post-installation.

Let All-Star Products Handle Your Door Replacement

Door replacement can seem like a daunting task, but when you take the proper steps to prepare, it can be a seamless process. Remember, professional guidance and support can make the task much easier and safer, and result in a higher-quality installation. At All-Star we have the experience and expertise in exterior remodeling projects, including door replacement, that you need for your project to be completed properly the first time. For all of your door replacement needs, don’t hesitate to contact All-Star Products and let a trusted local professional give you the results you deserve.

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Dave Donofrio is owner and CEO of All Star Products, LLC.  After a two decade career at James Hardie, Dave partnered with the team at All Star to bring advances in exterior remodeling material and technology, while preserving the family friendly, customer oriented approached that been the key to All Star’s success over the last 35 years.


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