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What are The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Siding?

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Do you know about all the pros and cons of vinyl siding? It’s one of the most popular ways to do siding in America for several reasons, such as durability and affordability, but it also comes with a few drawbacks.

All Star Products wants to help you further understand vinyl siding by elaborating on its various pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Siding

Here’s a quick snapshot of what people like or dislike regarding vinyl siding.


  • Durability
    You can contrast vinyl siding with other materials like classic wood, and you’ll find that it’s way more durable, doesn’t experience wood rot, and you won’t require anything other than basic surface cleaning.
  • Low Maintenance
    If you get it installed properly by the pros at All Star Products, then you shouldn’t need to deal with a whole lot of maintenance.
  • Affordability
    The most consistent appeal of vinyl siding is its cost-efficiency. The price tag is significantly lower than premium styles like fiber cement siding.


  • Less Affordable Than Previously
    Unfortunately, in the past several years, the competitive cost advantage of vinyl siding is not been what it once was. The other siding styles have narrowed the cost gap a lot and the surges in demand for vinyl have driven the cost much higher.
  • Other Brands Have Caught Up With Vinyl’s Durability
    The durability gap has lessened a lot as well. As other brands devise ways to make even more durable products, vinyl may no longer hold a strong advantage in this regard.

Other Pros and Cons of Vinyl Siding

We have a few other things to mention about vinyl siding. While it’s still viable and great for quick re-siding projects, we find that there is much more appeal to James Hardie siding and other premium brands. Again, since we’ve seen the other brands come much closer to traditional vinyl in regards to durability, we recommend homeowners shop around as much as possible before making such an important renovation.

Better yet, if you get in touch with All Star Products, we’d be more than happy to help you make an educated decision, and we’ll even give you a free estimate on installation.

Stigma Against Vinyl Siding in Rich Areas?

Finally, it’s important for us to note the legitimate stigma of vinyl siding, which is pretty evident whenever you drive around Chicago’s higher-end neighborhoods.

If you go into places like Lake Forest or Evanston, you just won’t see a whole lot of vinyl siding. We’ve seen that vinyl tends to be more popular in lower/middle-class areas, particularly in mobile/modular homes, and much less common inexpensive houses. This means that if you own a large home and wish to maintain or increase its value, then re-siding with vinyl is probably not much of an option.

All Star Products: Expert Installers for Vinyl Siding in Chicago

When you choose to work with a professional siding company like All Star Products, you can count on expert installation regardless of the material. Our crews are always well-staffed and properly trained to hang any type of siding, whether it’s vinyl or something more premium like the James Hardie brand. Plus, we can do it for roughly 30 to 50% cheaper than other siding places.

We always aim to please the customer first and foremost. That’s the big reason why we get 90% of our business off referrals from happy customers like Jeff M. from Deerfield, IL:

“I would like to recognize everyone I worked with for their exceptional service. They were all terrific.”

All Star Products has several other testimonials just like his. In addition to that, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives us an A+ accreditation to go along with our five-star rating on Yelp, and we service roughly 10 major communities in Northern Illinois.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the pros and cons of vinyl siding and will consider contacting us for all your home siding needs.

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Dave Donofrio

Owner & CEO

Dave Donofrio is owner and CEO of All Star Products, LLC.  After a two decade career at James Hardie, Dave partnered with the team at All Star to bring advances in exterior remodeling material and technology, while preserving the family friendly, customer oriented approached that been the key to All Star’s success over the last 35 years.


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