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The Cost Of Window Replacement In Chicago⁣⁣

window replacement in chicago

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How much does it cost to complete a window replacement in Chicago?

We’ll provide some insight into the cost considerations while reviewing the various windows styles and manufacturers. Window replacement is one of the best ways to beautify your home, cut back on energy consumption, and seal away all that outside noise. Here’s how to do that with any budget.

Window Replacement in Chicago: Primary Cost Considerations

These are the factors you’ll need to research before making a window selection.

  • The size of your windows.
  • How many windows need replacing?
  • Brand Quality (high-end versus bargain brands).
  • The materials you use (fiberglass, vinyl, wood, etc.).
  • Glass Types (including ones with Low-E film for UV ray protection).
  • Framework Damage: Does the window frame have wood rot or other serious damage?
  • Window Styles (bay windows, casement windows, double/single-hung windows, etc.).
  • Installation Complexity (affects labor costs).

Some window projects require more work than others, which is why the complexity of your home layout will play at least some role. If you purchase something more complicated than a simple single-hung window, you can expect a higher price tag. Bay windows, for example, require us to renovate several square feet of wall in the affected room.

Glass types are pretty diverse nowadays. The Low-E material is a thin layer that goes on the glass to block UV rays, which can help keep your home much cooler in the summer. Then there are other glass styles such as laminate (generally less expensive), obscured glass, and tempered glass.

Our Favorite Window Brands: Pella & Marvin

Pella and Marvin are the most popular window brands in Chicago. We also promote another vinyl-window maker, Alside. Both companies produce stellar fiberglass window options.

Just like with fiber cement siding, window manufacturers are embracing newer, modern synthetic materials hoping to develop something stronger and still aesthetically appealing. Fiberglass windows have many ornate glass designs, color options, and don’t break down or let cold air into your home.

There’s plenty of variety when you select Pella windows, since the company has over 150 product patents. Both companies offer aluminum windows as well. If wood windows really catch your eye, then Marvin has six exquisite versions.

These manufacturers also reinforce their insulated windows with a substance known as argon gas. It’s a gas they put into double and triple-pane windows to make them even more energy efficient. This is yet another example of how windows are much more technologically advanced in the 21st century.

Vinyl Windows: Still a Solid Replacement Option

About two-thirds of all homes in America still use vinyl windows. That’s because they’re reliable, cost effective, and look pretty classy. While you won’t find as many customization options, and they won’t have fancy features like Low-E glass, they offer several advantages.

  • They’re affordable for almost any homeowner.
  • Vinyl windows are reliable for energy efficiency.
  • Unlike wood, there’s color built into the material, which means you won’t have to paint or treat them.
  • The maintenance is pretty simple, and they come in plenty of colors and styles.

Call All Star Products for the Best Window Replacement in Chicago

Don’t let your windows be a source of aggravation any longer. While replacement windows aren’t cheap, per se, after you recoup some of your energy costs, they pay for themselves in no time. Plus, there are lots of manufacturer warranties to safeguard against potential defects.

All Star Products gets a lot of positive feedback from previous clients, and most of our business comes from referrals. That’s because our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction isn’t just bland rhetoric. We actually mean it.

Contact All Star Products to schedule a quick window replacement in Chicago.

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