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What are the Pros and Cons of Vinyl Windows?

pros and cons of vinyl windows

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Upgrading your windows is one of the more effective ways you can both beautify your home and increase its energy efficiency, but when looking at the varieties of materials available you likely want to know the pros and cons of vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are some of the most common window types on the market, and when looking at your options for home window upgrades you are likely to see at least one or two vinyl window manufacturers in your contractor’s offerings.

Understanding how vinyl windows stack up to other materials is going to be crucial in making your eventual decision, particularly when put in the context of a Chicagoland home. Chicago and the surrounding areas get some beautiful weather for much of the year, but when it’s time for our share of the severe weather, that weather can be incredibly severe. Having solid windows in your home is a reliable way to keep the elements on the outside, keeping your home’s interior comfortable and safe.

What Are Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl is the term for windows that have a frame and casing made of extruded polyvinyl chloride, otherwise known as PVC. Vinyl windows are often going to be one of the more affordable window options, generally being cheaper than other materials. They still provide a significant value in many cases, however, offering benefits like energy efficiency, low maintenance requirements, and no need to paint or resurface the windows.

The Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Windows


Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows are incredibly efficient and effective insulators, and as a result, they help your home heat and cool itself easier. This puts less strain on HVAC equipment and can help lower utility bills over the long term.

Minimal Maintenance Needs

Vinyl windows are scratch-free, since the color is incorporated into the material, and they will never need to be painted or stained. They easily stand up to the seasonal extremes of Chicago, and they can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and water solution.


Vinyl windows are some of the most affordable options for window materials and are generally considered to be the least expensive out of all other options.


Vinyl windows are one of the most common types of windows. This means you will be able to get them anywhere and there are no special certifications needed to work with them.

Endless Color & Style Options

Depending on the manufacturer, the options for colors and styles can be quite extensive. Vinyl windows will allow you to easily tailor your window appearance to your home’s aesthetic.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Windows: Are There Any Disadvantages?

Vinyl is great, but it isn’t perfect, and it’s important that you know about the common drawbacks of vinyl windows in addition to the benefits.

Cost Of Customization

If you have non-standard window shapes or sizes, you may find some additional charges for customization. Vinyl can be difficult to shape, being an extruded material, and creating custom shapes or complex vinyl windows is labor-intensive.

Prone To UV Damage

Vinyl windows can start to fade and even crack after many years of constant UV exposure. They tend to have shorter lifespans in homes with unshaded southern exposures.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Windows: All Star Can Help You Understand Your Window Options

If you have been considering getting new windows for your home, you undoubtedly have a lot of questions, even after reading about the ups and downs of vinyl windows. If you understand the pros and cons of vinyl windows or have more questions, simply reach out and speak with one of our trusted local window specialists.

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