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The Cost Of Door Replacement In Chicago⁣⁣

door replacement in chicago

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So, how much does it cost to do a door replacement in Chicago?

The price for this task depends on the type of door and the location of your home. The market for door options is pretty vast these days, which is great if you want more buyer choices. Homeowners can now purchase a reliable door replacement with any budget in Chicago.

Basic Cost Factors for Door Replacement in Chicago

The most important components that influence the cost of a new door include: 1) Brand Selection, 2) Style, 3) Colors, 4) Materials, and 5) Glass & Other Design Elements.

You can select from several door manufacturers (which we’ll cover next), but it often comes down to how fancy of a door you wish to install. Don’t forget that it’s not just about the front entryway, but also every other threshold for patio doors, storm doors, or sliding doors. If you select a door with lots of glass, it will cost more, especially if it’s special window glass with Low-E treatment to protect against UV rays.

What are the Best Door Brands?

You’ll see on our website that we promote a few popular door brands: ProVia, Pella, and Albany Door Company. These are solid manufacturers whose doors show up on homes all throughout Chicagoland.

ProVia makes tremendous doors from several materials. We install a lot of fiberglass doors from them, but they also produce incredibly strong ones from galvanized steel.

Pella is one of the most popular companies for doors and windows. Their selection catalog includes some of the most exquisite doors made from wood, vinyl, or fiberglass.

Albany Door Company manufactures and sells doors right here in Chicagoland. They make doors that match many home exterior designs, including farmhouse, rustic, prairie, and craftsman bungalow schemes.

What are the Best Door Styles?

Here, we can look at a couple factors: 1) The door’s materials, and 2) Colors and designs. There’s no wrong answer to the “best” style since it hinges on homeowner tastes and preferences.


  1. Classic Wood
    • Classic wood, usually from cedar trees, is a time-honored favorite for so many reasons. These doors won’t be cheap, but the intricately carved wood looks marvelous, and fits well with a colonial style and many other home themes. The major drawback to wood, however, is its vulnerability to moisture damage, termites, woodpeckers, and other nuisances.
    • You may wish to match wood doors with wood windows, which you can learn more about in this article on the reasons to have a wood window installation.
  2. Fiberglass
    • This is a strong and reliable material that allows you to avoid the deterioration issues associated with wood. Stainless steel doors may be a little stronger, but this is the next best thing, and a pretty cost-effective way to secure your home against cold drafts.
  3. Steel
    • These are the far sturdier solution to hollow doors. However, they cost the most as well. They’re easy to clean and maintain, last a long time, and you don’t have to worry about rust.
  4. Laminate
    • If you purchase these from a reputable door manufacturer, they don’t break down as you may have heard. Laminate doors are better for indoor purposes and are pretty affordable.

Color Schemes

  1. Simple White – easy to paint, no need to worry about fading colors.
  2. Blue or Green – great for matching with your garden, foliage, and other exterior features.
  3. Solid Black – for simplicity and a classic sturdy appearance.
  4. Dark Gray – matches well with many roof shades, and with exterior siding colors.
  5. Finally, if you select a door design with lots of glass windows and visibility, then you should match the door color to your interior color scheme.

Door Replacement in Chicago through All Star Products

As always, we’d love to hear from you if you want to look over other door examples for more inspiration. We’re the most reliable exterior contractor in Chicagoland for doors, windows, and siding.

Contact All Star Products anytime to learn more about the cost of door replacement.

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