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What are the Reasons to Have a Wood Window Installation?

Wood Window Installation

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If you have wood windows in your home and it’s time to upgrade your windows, you can often do so while still retaining the look and durability of wood, by simply getting a new wood window installation. Some people may wonder why not upgrade to a cheaper material like vinyl, but there is a long list of benefits that come with wood windows beyond the unbeatable appearance.

There is no question that a wood window installation will be a more costly window project than vinyl or even fiberglass windows in some cases, but the features and benefits of wood will often outweigh those costs, particularly for homeowners that currently have wood windows and love them. We’re going to take a look at these benefits, and the advantages of wood windows in general, so that you know if new wood windows are right for you.

The Benefits Of A Wood Window Installation

The Look Is Unbeatable

Wooden windows look like nothing else. They are unique, warm, and welcoming, and give an old-world charm to your home. Wood can be used to make incredibly elegant window shapes and one-of-a-kind projects. This look is almost a necessity for older buildings, with more traditional or craftsman architecture, since other materials just don’t provide the look that can easily blend with the rest of the structure. Additionally, you can paint or stain your wood windows to achieve any look you want.

They Are Superior Insulators

Wood is a terrible thermal conductor, and as such, it makes a great insulator for your home. Over long periods, wood windows can have a much greater reduction effect on utility bills than other types of windows, such as aluminum. They also contribute to making your home more comfortable on a day-to-day basis, by helping your home warm itself in the winter and cool itself in the summer.

Wood Window Installation: Long Lifespan

Traditionally, wood is one of the longest-lasting materials that can be used to frame windows. Not only are the lifetime costs pushed lower by the longer lifespan, but with proper care, wood can last for generations. Wood windows are also immune to corrosion and rust.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Wood Windows?

Maintenance Investments

One of the commitments that wood windows require, is maintenance. They will need to be finished with paint or stain periodically and will need to be protected from pests. Paint or stain is necessary to help seal the wood and protect it from elemental penetration. It will prevent warping, swelling, and even rot.

Wood windows also attract pests, so protective measures will need to be taken. One common measure is to use water-repellant coatings on the wood to make sure they do not retain any moisture, which is necessary for pests like carpenter ants and termites.

Higher Initial Cost

Likely the most well-known drawback to wood windows is the higher initial cost compared to other materials. In most situations, you will find that wood will be the most expensive option among common choices like vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. This cost is often enough to deter many homeowners from using wood for their window projects, but they often forget how labor-intensive wood is to work with.

All Star Can Be Your Expert Wood Window Installer

Understanding what wood windows can do for your home is a crucial step in knowing if wood windows are right for your window upgrade project. If you have more questions or if you feel that you are ready for a wood window installation at your Chicagoland home, contact All Star today and speak with a member of our expert team.

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