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How to Properly Maintain Your James Hardie Siding

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Knowing how to effectively maintain your James Hardie siding is a critical aspect of ensuring your home cladding has the longevity and appearance that you counted on when you chose James Hardie. Hardie is known for its durability and visual appeal, but it requires a minimum level of attention to stay in prime condition. We’re going to look at just what you need to do to keep yours looking great for years.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

First, let’s make sure that we establish the importance of regular maintenance. Even though James Hardie is widely celebrated for its resilience against harsh Chicago weather and damage, keeping it well-maintained is essential to guarantee its longevity. Over time, exposure to the elements can gradually affect the appearance and structural integrity of any type of siding, James Hardie included. Regular maintenance will help prevent minor issues from growing into costly repairs and keeps your home looking its best.

Cleaning Your Siding

Cleaning your siding is one of the most important steps to maintaining it. It’s recommended to clean James Hardie siding at least once or twice each year. This is a relatively easy task and can be done with a soft brush or cloth, and a garden hose. Power washers can damage the siding. Just wipe the siding down with your brush or cloth, then hose it off from the top, down.

Inspecting for Damage

After cleaning, take some time to inspect the siding for any signs of damage. Look for chips, cracks, and signs of potential moisture damage. If you notice any, it’s important to address them promptly, either by yourself or with professional help. Damaged siding panels can be replaced individually, helping keep costs down and avoiding an entire home residing job.

Touching Up Paint

James Hardie siding comes from the factory with ColorPlus Technology, which is designed to last much longer than your typical exterior house paint. However, if you do happen to notice a chip or a faded section, a quick application of touch-up paint can easily restore the factory-fresh appearance. Just remember to use paint specifically approved for touching up James Hardie siding.

Professional Help

While many maintenance tasks can be done by homeowners and the average DIYer, there are some aspects of siding care that might require the occasional use of professional help. By working with experienced local siding experts, especially for complex or extensive tasks like damage repairs or repainting, you can ensure that your project is completed correctly and on time, the first time. While there is a sense of satisfaction in completing the job yourself, enlisting a pro can save time and money in the long run.

All-Star Products Is Your James Hardie Expert

Learning how to properly care for and maintain your James Hardie siding is an investment that will pay off in the form of a beautiful, long-lasting, protective home exterior. Regular cleaning, periodic inspections, prompt repairs, and intermittent touch-ups will all work to ensure that your siding stands up to time and weather, keeping your home looking its best for many years to come.

When it comes to complex maintenance tasks or if you have any questions about the maintenance needs of your James Hardie siding, remember that professional help is closer than you think. All-Star Products is ready to be your trusted exterior remodeling partner, and our experienced team of local professionals is ready to help you keep your home looking great. Reach out today for more information, or to schedule an appointment for an inspection.

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Dave Donofrio

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Dave Donofrio is owner and CEO of All Star Products, LLC.  After a two decade career at James Hardie, Dave partnered with the team at All Star to bring advances in exterior remodeling material and technology, while preserving the family friendly, customer oriented approached that been the key to All Star’s success over the last 35 years.


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