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How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Windows

lifespan of your windows

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Let’s explore a few ways to increase the lifespan of your windows. It’s an important concern for homeowners who want to take pressure off their HVAC systems, especially during freezing winters. Here’s how to maximize window longevity.

Ways to Boost the Lifespan of Your Windows

  • Keep your windows and frames clean. It’s an easy way to mitigate erosion and all you have to do is clean the glass and window sill periodically. This includes wiping away salt accumulation, especially with wood or aluminum windows.
  • Is there a crack or nasty scratch in the glass? Don’t ignore it for too long. It’s easier and more cost effective to replace the glass rather than let it fester out of control.
  • Caulking and sealing are essential upkeep items. If this deteriorates, then it’s only a matter of time before you receive warm/cold drafts from the outside.
  • When you purchase windows, try to select ones with Low-E film, which can protect not only the material but prevent excessive UV rays from entering your home. This can make a big difference in the summer.
  • If you think your windows are busted, call us for a quick inspection.

Are My Windows Beyond Repair?

Windows can last a long time with proper homeowner maintenance, but every exterior component will reach the end of its life expectancy, eventually. You’ll know they’re beyond repair if you can’t get your windows open/closed any more, or if they’re letting in tons of cold/hot air. Outdated windows can cause your power bills to grow by over 40%.

Besides energy costs and operating difficulty, your windows may require replacement if you want to spice up your home’s curb appeal. It’s easy to boost your home value by replacing those decades-old windows with something outstanding like new awning windows or even bow/bay windows. Of course, your personal budget and preferences will dictate things, but we can show you a nearly limitless way to remodel your home with modern windows.

Try These Outstanding Replacement Window Options

You may recall our earlier post on the best window replacement options in Chicago. There’s plenty of wonderful double-pane and triple-pane window selections with many designs. These are a few other window installation ideas:

  • Fiberglass Windows
    • We really like fiberglass windows because they’re almost 10X stronger than vinyl. It’s also a nice complimentary item for James Hardie Siding, an equally sturdy material made from fiber cement. Fiberglass isn’t cheap, but it’s durable, secure, and comes in many aesthetic selections.
  • Anything from Pella or Marvin
    • There’s pretty strong competition in the window-making industry, so shopping around is a smart move for homeowners. Two of our favorites are Pella and Marvin, which are popular among our clients. These manufacturers have plenty of ornate options such as French push-out windows, double-hung windows, and plenty of others that could work in tandem with new doors.
  • Reliable Vinyl Windows
    • Vinyl windows are still a time-honored and reliable way to secure your home and eliminate cold drafts. This is still the most common way to do windows in America, and there are plenty of great brands with favorable warranty coverage.

Improve the Lifespan of Your Windows with Our Top-Notch Installation Services

All Star Products does the most prompt and reliable window installation and repair in Chicago. As we said, it’s not the kind of upkeep task you want to delay too long, or you’ll experience lots of drafts and trouble with outside noise. If you enjoy our window replacement services, then you can remember us for siding or door repair as well.

Most of our work comes from referrals because our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction isn’t just rhetoric. We have almost all five-star reviews on Google Reviews, and BloggerLocal rates us as one of the best siding companies in Chicago.

Contact All Star Products to find out all the effective ways to extend the lifespan of your windows and other home exterior components.

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