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Door Styles You Should Consider

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What are the best door styles and features you can use to improve your home in Chicago?

We want to show you some of the many fantastic door selections you can use to beautify your home, obtain better insulation, and protect yourself from intruders. This is what you need to know about door brands, styles, and the benefits of replacing those old worn-out ones.

Our Favorite Door Styles

Mostly when we discuss replacement doors, it’s within the context of exterior doors, but there are great interior door designs as well. There are literally dozens of ways to put together luxurious and reliable exterior entry doors, but these are among the most popular items.

  • Panel Doors
  • Storm Doors
  • Doors with Windows
  • Decorative Wood Doors (Carved Designs)
  • Patio or Sliding Doors

So, it’s not just the front entry door, although that gets the most attention. Panel doors are often the simplest and most budget friendly, but if you live in a competitive, high-end neighborhood, you should consider something more upscale.

What about door materials?

Again, there are so many options, but the most common choices revolve around fiberglass, stainless steel, laminate, and traditional wood (usually cedar). Each of these have pros and cons regarding their strength, durability, moisture resistance, curb appeal, and cost effectiveness. The price tag on exterior doors can range from just a couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

4 Benefits of Installing New Replacement Doors

  1. Regain Insulation & Energy Efficiency
    • If you’ve had to put up with cold drafts going underneath your doors, then a replacement option could address the problem. The other major source for heat loss is from the windows, so it pays to maintain both areas with solid materials.
  2. Increase Curb Appeal
    • Modern doors look fantastic when you select from proven manufacturers like ProVia. They carry a plethora of luxury styles with gorgeous decorative glass.
  3. Better Home Security
    • You can’t afford to stick with that old door that’s loose at the hinges. It’s an enormous safety risk, especially when it’s your primary entry door. All Star Products is more than happy to inspect and propose solutions that will deliver instant peace of mind.
  4. Install Something Much More Durable
    • Durability and better security go hand in hand. Many folks see the wisdom of upgrading to steel or fiberglass because of the damage and deterioration they’ve endured with older wood doors.

What About New Windows?

We often discuss door replacement options in conjunction with new windows. You don’t have to do these projects together, but it’s a popular choice for motivated driven homeowners. One of the best ways to upgrade for energy efficiency and security is to install new fiberglass windows.

Fiberglass is a trendy way to refurbish both windows and doors, because it has a solid R-value, doesn’t force you to do lots of upkeep, and eliminates high energy bills. If you don’t like the higher price tag of fiberglass windows, you can still achieve great value from traditional vinyl windows as well. Either way, it’s a great exterior upgrade in tandem with new doors.

Call All Star Products to Explore Your Options with Several New Door Styles

Now is a great time to try new doors if you think you have a problem in one or more locations around your home. Don’t wait until your doors are full of wood rot, scratches, cracks, or coming off the hinges to replace them. If you handle the problem early, you don’t have to watch your winter heating costs skyrocket.

You can count on our prompt door installation as well as repair work on other home exterior components like windows and siding. We do all of that while holding onto an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Call All Star Products any time to get a free estimate on a replacement task or if you’d just like to learn more about the latest door styles in Chicago.

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Dave Donofrio

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Dave Donofrio is owner and CEO of All Star Product, LLC.  After a two decade career at James Hardie, Dave partnered with the team at All Star to bring advances in exterior remodeling material and technology, while preserving the family friendly, customer oriented approached that been the key to All Star’s success over the last 35 years.


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